We Began

Gateway Manufacturing started in 1994 with the following goal: "To DELIGHT our CUSTOMERS with QUALITY, DELIVERY, and PRICE PERFORMANCE". This is the basis for everything we do and every job we quote. 

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More About Us

One of the tenets of our business is to be a "FULL SERVICE" supplier; providing our customers with Purchasing, Logistics, Engineering support as well as direct labor.  Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.


"OUTSOURCING" with Gateway Manufacturing truly means what it says. Gateway Manufacturing takes on all the responsibilities enabling our customer to redistribute their staffing, both direct and indirect, to other jobs, which is truly what outsourcing is to accomplish.

We have grown over the years and have become a "SOLUTION PROVIDER" in a variety of processes. To look at our current WEB site with the various processes we support, it is hard to try and "COMPARTMENTALIZE" what we do or who we are. That is just what is intended. The service we provide is "SOLUTIONS" and they may involve a variety of processes we have never done. You can rest assured that we can get it accomplished.

Detail services

Services we have provided to our customers in the past have been varied:

  • Electronic Assembly and Repair
  • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • FRU (Field Replacement Unit) Assembly and Packaging
  • Wood Product Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Outdoor Plastic Lumber Furniture Manufacturing, Assembly 
  • Pick-Pack-Merge Operations
  • Packaging
  • Shrink-Wrapping
  • Crating
  • Distribution Services