Other Services Offered


Order Fulfillment

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Pick/Pack Merge

Gateway Manufacturing  has streamlined production from some customers by consolidating several items into one final part number. A customer may have requirements for printed materials along with several components (which may or may not require assembly). These components are then merged to a specified package type and shipped to the customer as one unit. This feature reduces the amount of part numbers that the customer has to maintain.

Wood Cutting

Cut to Size/ Spec Wood, Foam, Plastics and various materials. We offer a variety of cut to size and part manufacturing services.

ELECTRO-Mechanical Services

Gateway Manufacturing  has been involved in electro-mechanical assembly work since our start in    1995. We have developed, designed, procured various products and processes for assemblies involving circuit boards, switches and other electrical components along with various "skins" to the products to  complete the entire device for a customer. This involves sourcing  plastic and metal parts that become an integral part of the overall product design. Our Engineering and Procurement staff can take on some of the most complex assemblies and execute the production of these products in quick, efficient manner to minimize time to market and respond to sudden uplifts in demand.