Contract Packaging-Components to Retail Packaging

       Gateway Manufacturing has successfully helped various businesses, from Fortune 500 to small entrepreneurial businesses with packaging needs. We are not a cardboard converter or a plastic manufacturer, but we work with companies like that to help design and physically package your product for shipping or retail displays to entice the public to purchase your product. The contract packaging business is a tough, no nonsense business that requires an intense focus of labor and pennies to insure the maximization of effectiveness in a very competitive market. With our full-time engineering and procurement staff, we will cost effectively find the right solution for your product, while maximizing you product availability and visibility in a competitive marketplace. Packaging is a delicate balance of costs and marketing that can make or break a product. Gateway Manufacturing will work with your team to develop, procure and package your product in the most efficient way possible to protect, and show off your product to the consumer.  

We have in the past done a variety of packaging processes such as:

  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Shrink Bundling
  • Poly-Bagging
  • Boxing (retail and shipping cartons)
  • Clip-Stripping
  • Point of Purchase Displays

In addition, we are familiar with:

  • Clamshells
  • Vacuum Pack
  • Blister Card/Pack

       Each of these techniques are chosen based on the product volumes needed and if applied to the wrong volume set can cause packaging expenses to soar out of control. This is why our team can help you decide which process is right for your product. We also can provide Order Fulfillment services to physically ship you products direct to retail customers or to retailers, depending on your needs. We can take on a more extensive role in the product production process by performing various product forecasting and procurement function using our state of the art MRP system and utilizing our procurement staff. Let us help you with your needs to enable a successful product strategy.